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Cat or Dog Scooting Relief - Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief for Dog Anal Gland InflammationPet Natural Anal Gland Relief for Healthy Digestion and Optimal Bowel Movements Essential for Cat or Dog Scooting Relief!

HOW PET NATURAL ANAL GLAND RELIEF™ WORKS: Natural Anal Gland Relief™ supports healthy evacuation with organic oat bran flour coupled with immediate immune support while probiotics help relieve cat and dog anal gland inflammation and itching. Natural Anal Gland Relief™ is added to meals as a routine preventative. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BROCHURE

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Product Description

Historically, animal anal glands produced a scent that was expressed in the animals’ feces for marking territory. Animals that lived in the wild acquired fiber and essential bacteria to maintain a healthy gut. This contributed to “normal’ bowel habits and minimized anal gland issues when living in the wild. Today, most pet dogs and cats receive processed and/or artificially preserved foods. While convenient, some foods may contain less natural fiber and minimal quantities of essential probiotics to maintain a pet’s healthy gut and provide “normal” bowel movements. Animal nutritional literature discusses the relationship between today’s diets and pet problems that include digestion imbalances, food allergies, stress, and even back injuries that can contribute to the inflammation responsible for causing anal gland issues. The relief of anal gland inflammation and “scooting” involves encouraging healthy digestion and optimizing bowel movements that insure anal gland congestion is minimized.

Ingredients in Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief™


Del-Immune V® (see is a natural immune modulator. An immune modulator works to turn immune response on and off as needed. This is the same ingredient formulated in Del-Immune V® supplements which are used by more than 100,000 people in the U.S. Made from a special strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain), Del-Immune V® acts as a first responder when support from the innate (primary) immune system is needed. This strain of probiotic has been shown in decades of scientific research to provide immediate immune support. Cell fragments in Del-Immune V® contain biological substances, identified as peptides (linked amino acids), DNA, and other amino acids, which account for modulation of the primary immune system.1 Del-Immune V® activates the primary immune response which in turn supports intestinal health. A healthy, responsive immune system is essential for fighting infection and disease, and provides protection from foreign invaders and immune stress. This is especially important for pets because immune stress may be provoked by changes in routine, diet, or environment as in the case of boarding or travel.


Natural Anal Gland Relief™ provides 25 mg. per dose of a blend of five strains of probiotics. These “good” bacteria help to restore and balance intestinal flora2, minimizing the presence of irritants in the digestive tract and anal glands. Live, friendly bacteria also help to reduce harmful bacteria and inflammation. Studies show that 70-80% of immune function exists in human and animal intestinal tracts. Probiotics in the intestinal tract coordinate and control the activity of more than 1,000 different microbial species within the natural microbiota.


Organic, non-GMO oat bran flour is the fiber source for Natural Anal Gland Relief™ because of its natural beta glucan, fiber content, and flour-like consistency. Oat bran flour provides gentle, soothing action in the digestive tract and colon.

The fiber and beta glucan rich oat bran flour support an increase in stool bulk and can optimize stool consistency, which can result in gentle anal gland evacuation during defecation.3 Beta glucans within the water soluble oat bran flour serve as an immune-protective substance.4 Beta glucans also have a calming effect on sensitive tissues, which is why oatmeal baths and shampoos are used for dry, itchy skin in humans and pets.

1 Study of Interferonogenous Activity of the New Probiotic Formulation Del-Immune V®. Pidgorskyy, V.S., Shynkarenko, L.N., Timoshok, N.A., Spivak,N.Y. Immunology and Allergy Journal, 2008: 2, 16-23
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The 100-gram jar supplies 100 one-half teaspoon, or single scoop doses. Add a generous scoop, or more as needed, to regular meals for dogs, or follow your veterinarian’s dosing instructions.

DEL-IMMUNE V®– 10mg per dose
Contains cell pieces and fragments produced by lysing (rupturing the probiotic cell with natural enzymes) of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain). These cell fragments are quickly absorbed by the stomach and intestine to trigger an immune response.

Cell fragments contain biologically active muramyl peptides that act as triggers in the primary (innate) immune system.

There are no known incompatibilities or contraindications to Del-Immune V®.

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PROBIOTIC BLEND – 25mg per dose
Blend consists of: L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. plantarum, B. bifidum, and B. longum.

Refrigeration after opening is suggested to maintain freshness of these live probiotics.

Oat bran contains natural beta glucans to promote and support optimal bowel movements and immune function.

Additional Information

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