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Natural Support for Recovery from Stress or Illness

HOW EQUINE R&R™ WORKS: Immune health is essential to good general health of horses. Equine R&R™ contains five important immune-supporting ingredients selected for specific types of immune maintenance and healthpromoting characteristics. When combined, these ingredients encourage comprehensive immune recuperation. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BROCHURE

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Stressful activities such as transport, competition and exercise may have physiological impacts on the health of horses. These stressors can increase plasma cortisol levels, leading to system-wide inflammation and compromised immune function1. Researchers have found that intense, exhaustive exercise also depletes immune capacities2. Equine R&R™ is a specially formulated powder developed to assist horses in recovering quickly from stress or illness.

Ingredients in Equine R&R™


Del-Immune V® (see www.delimmune.com) is a natural immune modulator. An immune modulator works to turn immune response on and off as needed. This is the same ingredient formulated in Del-Immune V® supplements which are used by more than 100,000 people in the U.S. Made from a special strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain), Del-Immune V® acts as a first responder when support from the innate (primary) immune system is needed. This strain of probiotic has been shown in decades of scientific research to provide immediate immune support. Cell fragments in Del-Immune V® contain biological substances, identified as peptides (linked amino acids), DNA, and other amino acids, which account for modulation of the primary immune response. Just as in humans, Del-Immune V® activates the innate immune response to physiological stress and supports daily immune health maintenance.

Because Del-Immune V® is an immune modulator rather that an immune “booster,” it allows an animal’s own immune system to respond appropriately rather than causing exaggerated over-all immune stimulation. Del-Immune V® has been proven to ignite a beneficial immune response in immune system pathways that control infections, inflammation and stress recovery.3


Found in the mother’s first milk after birth, colostrum is crucial for immune defense and development in animal and human babies. Research shows that colostrum supplementation can have benefits for horses, especially those needing support for recovery from immune-lowering events.4

Fresh colostrum powder is proven to support the secondary, or “adaptive” immune system. First-milking colostrum has high levels of immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), vital for developing and maintaining immune health. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that attach to foreign invaders allowing the immune system to destroy them and keep the body healthy. In adult animals, PRPs work to boost and modulate the immune system. Colostrum also contains antibodies, proteins, and enzymes that boost immune function5 and support tissue repair and wound healing, gastrointestinal health, and assist in formation and repair of connective tissue, bone and cartilage.

The raw colostrum used in Equine R&R™ meets the 2003 Pasteurization Milk Ordinance (PMO) requirements and is sourced exclusively from USDA Grade A dairies. Every batch of colostrum used in Equine R&R™ is tested to verify that it meets first-milking requirements.


Beta glucans act as an immune-protective substance.6 Beta Glucans are biologically active polysaccharides (natural sugars) proven to increase immune defense and natural “killer” cell function. Studies demonstrate that beta glucans are effective in preventing infection and reducing inflammation by enhancing cellular response.7 Equine R&R™ contains beneficial yeast-derived8 beta glucan powder made from 50% purified cell wall fragments – the highest quantities available.


A healthy intestinal tract can optimize an animal’s vigor at any stage of life. In the wild, horses acquire beneficial probiotic bacteria from green plants and grasses. But modern diets and grazing opportunities may not provide live probiotic sources found in a wild equine diet. Equine R&R™ contains 250mg per dose as a blend of five strains of probiotics.


The 100% oat flour in Equine R&R is high in beta-glucan and fiber content.

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