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My name is Mat, and I’m the proud owner of Miko, my eleven and a half year old German Shepherd.

He had a mass removed from his mouth in April of 2016 and the biopsy results came back positive for malignant melanoma. I was instructed by our local veterinarian to take Miko to the Colorado State University Animal Hospital to discuss options.

The CSU team wanted to perform invasive surgery (removing part of Miko’s upper-jaw), then put him on a series of radiation treatments, and possibly see if he qualified for additional experimental treatments. I couldn’t fathom putting Miko through any of this and instead sought out alternative options.

A good friend told us about Max Immune Forte and we immediately started supplementing it into Miko’s food. We have had an incredible summer of hiking and swimming, and I’ve taken this time to make as many memories with my four-legged friend as possible. Just last week we visited Miko’s veterinarian, and she checked his vital signs. She said, “Mat, it’s been six months. His heart and lungs sound great, and his lymph nodes feel fine. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to see him here today. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

I’m not sure Miko would be here without this supplementation.

Pet Natural Products Testimonials for our Natural Pet Products
Mathew Kasper

Our 2 dogs had been having issues with “Butt Scooting” since they were 2, (now 4 and 3) and every few months we would have to take them to the vet to tend to them. This helped, however it was only a temporary fix as it kept happening. We started to research the subject online and came across a product called “Pet natural anal gland relief” made by Pet Natural Products LLc. We obtained the product and started adding the recommended 2 small scoops into each dog’s food twice per day. The first thing we noticed after the first day was how excited the dogs were (even more so) at feeding time. By day four they were often jumping up and down in excitement awaiting the food. They must like the Oatmeal… Anyway, by day 4 or 5 I did not see any more butt scooting from either of our dogs. Amazing…. After day 7, I reduced it down to just once per day with their food in the morning and still no butt scooting or even any trace of that nasty fishy smell that accompanied it all. Simply a great product.

Simon at Pet Natural Products
Simon – Boulder, CO

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Pet Natural Products Testimonials for our Natural Pet Products